Ann Coulter’s Underwear Fail

Politically Activated

Many of you know Ann Coulter as a supposedly brilliant Republican political commentator, lawyer, syndicated columnist, and Romney surrogate. She also has a Twitter account. Last week she tweeted this: The word’s out, Harry Reid wears women’s underwear. If he’s not, let him prove it. This was in response to Senate Majority leader Harry Reid’s claim that Mitt Romney paid no income taxes for the last ten years. Ann Coulter was attempting to point out the ridiculousness of Reid’s claim. This tweet shows two things: Team Romney is grasping at straws. And Ann Coulter is not that bright. There is a flaw in Coulter’s argument. You see, Harry Reid never claimed to have worn women’s underwear, so he has nothing to prove. There is no burden of proof on Harry Reid’s part to prove or disprove Coulter’s accusation.

Then there is Mitt Romney. He has claimed over and over again…

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