The Christmas Curse

A while ago at this time of year, I was unemployed, broke, depressed, almost homeless, and more often than not, looking for my next drink. Seasonal joy and merriment in others only served to deepen my black mood. The days were dark, and the nights darker. Those were very long winters.

My situation has improved considerably since then. I haven’t had a drink in over four years, I have a happy home with three dogs, and a few bucks in the bank. But the Holiday season always threatens to stir up those same feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. The way I cope is to treat December like any other month. I don’t decorate, shop for gifts, send cards, or go to Christmas parties. I call it emotional self-preservation. As each year passes, it gets a little easier to endure this season, but I may never be able to really embrace the “season to be jolly.” So enjoy the Holidays in whatever way works for you. As for me, 2013 is the next good thing. Fa La La.


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