Two Boys Win Cutest Couple at McKinleyville Middle School, Students Launch Social Media Campaign in Solidarity | Lost Coast Outpost | Humboldt County

Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

Two middle school boys are now a viral media sensation for posing as a couple and winning the schools cutest couple contest. Now other students have emulated them also taking photos of mostly same-sex couple. The campaign has a simple message, “This Is Okay.” Here’s the story from Ryan Burns  writing for Lost Coast Outpost….

It all started with this photo (above). 

McKinleyville Middle School students Lance (in the back) and Jair posed for it during a yearbook committee meeting. Close friends, the pair had nominated themselves for the school’s “cutest couple” contest, despite the fact that they’re not really a couple, at least not in the traditional, romantic kind of way. They’re both straight — and cousins.

According to Lance’s mom, Irene Lally, the guys struck this prom-style pose (and ran for “cutest couple”) as a way to say that any couple is OK: straight, gay, boy-girl…

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